The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Cyclists


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June 21 – It’s here! Father’s Day. With Mother’s Day getting so much importance, it would be criminal to leave dads behind. If your dad loves cycling, or if you are a dad who loves cycling, these cycling goodies are sure to make for perfect father’s day gift!

Book on an Epic Ride: Grit, Gravel and Gear

Dads are sure to love this book about another dad who undertakes a solo journey from Alaska to the Andes, briefly stopping in Los Angeles to say ‘hi’ to his daughter who is studying there.

By the way, Dhruv’s journey started on June 21 (Father’s Day) as well! Get this book, one of the best Father’s Day gifts if your dad loves to read.

Brooks – Bags & Grips

Get your dad anything Brooks – Grips or bags. Brooks was founded in the 1860s in Hockley, Birmingham, and makes premium cycling accessories that are great to use. Their quality leather goods take the look of any cycle many notches up, giving it a vintage, gentlemanly aesthetic.

Degreaser, Lube & Polish

Dads often love spending time in the garage, taking their cycle apart, lovingly cleaning each piece and putting it back together. Make sure your dad does not have a dirty, grimy bike that’s a shame to take in public. Give him the Juice degreaser, lube and polish to shine up his bike and show it off!

Get all three as Father’s Day gifts for your dad — Degreaser, Lube, Polish

Northwave Socks

Socks, one of the Father’s Day Gifts, your dad will actually want! Northwave.

Not all socks are the same, and Northwave socks are definitely high quality socks that never lose their grip, never sag or become baggy. They breathe well, and make sure your dad won’t have sweaty toes. They grip well. And they look great!

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Smartphone Holder

Every cyclist needs a smartphone holder so he or she can follow the directions given in Google Maps, or other maps. It is a big hassle taking out the phone, swiping it to bring it to life, and squint at the route, all while cycling. Dangerous too! Get your dad a smartphone to view his route hands-free!

Floor Pump

Get your dad a floor pump so he can have the perfectly tight tires when leaving for a ride. Get one with a gauge so he can fill his tires to the optimal psi, and get a pump that easily converts from a Presta valve pump to a Schrader valve pump.

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Birzman Multitool

Every cyclist should have a multi-tool that includes a chain tool. Get your dad one of these Birzman multitools with a whole lot of functions. And the best thing – These tools are lightweight while being robust; they won’t make your back-pockets sag like you’ve thrown a brick in ‘em.

Click to buy yours.

Giant Uniclip Saddlebag

A saddlebag is a very useful accessory for any cyclist; a place to put his keys, wallet and tools, when he does not want to stuff them in his back pocket, or if he is wearing a T-shirt and has no back pockets.

However when one stops anywhere, it is a pain to take the saddlebag (with all its valuable contents) off the bike with its complicated straps. For this, the perfect solution is a seat-bag that cyclists can just slide off. Get one for your dad, a gift he is sure to love!

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Polar bottle

What if your dad could carry ice cold water, or hot coffee on his rides? Get him a Polar bottle that is light years ahead of just another ordinary plastic sipper. Made with a lot of research and development by cyclists in Colorado, USA it has special tech like Zipstream caps, and dual insulation to maintain the beverage’s temperature.

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Steadfast Nutrition Energy Drink Mix

Make sure your dad is taking care of his health and nutrition on the saddle.

Synergy is great for rides of 2 hours or less, providing the cyclist with salts lost from sweating and providing him energy (carbohydrates) to keep pedalling when his own reserves of instant energy have been used up.

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Carborance is great for endurance workouts of more than 2 hours. These drink mixes keep the cyclist from experiencing cramps, extreme fatigue and bonking.

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And that’s it. Say ‘I love you’ to your dad, and then underline it with materialistic benefits, all the Father’s Day Gifts listed above!

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