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15 Ways To Cycle Safely

Cycling is a pleasurable activity that can turn into horror should you find yourself in an accident. At the end of the day the bike is an elegant frame, that is no match for speeding vehicles. It is thus important for the cyclist to cycle safely and be responsible (for his life!). Safety for cyclists […]

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Best Cycle Accessories Available in India

Cycle accessories can greatly enhance your cycling experience. Some cycle accessories are a must, like a bottle and bottle cage. Other accessories elevate one’s riding experience, like a smartphone holder to give you hands-free navigation. Choose your cycle accessories as per your needs. Helmets, jerseys and all come under clothing. These are essential too. Check […]

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ApparelBuyers' Guide

Winter Cycling Essentials | What To Wear for Cycling in Indian Winters

1. Gloves Know that feeling where you change the gear but your fingers are so numb you know it happened only because of the gear “click”? Keep your fingers warm and toasty this winter with full-fingered cycling gloves. 2. Winter Cycling Jacket Get a winter jacket that is brushed with fleece, with a collar and […]

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