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The Best Cycle Brands in India

Earlier, India had Hero, Hercules, BSA and Avon cycles, but then new cycle brands came in the market like Firefox (an Indian brand) and premium, international brands like Trek Bikes from the US, Scott Sports from Switzerland and Merida and Giant from Taiwan. It makes one think then, which are the best cycle brands available […]

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Cyclop Review: BMW Cycle – NBG IV BMW Cruise Bike

When BMW announces that it has a BMW cycle to offer, it immediately makes one curious! I had the chance to test the New Bike Generation 4 BMW cycle – The Cruise Bike, about 224km at the BMW Endurance Ride 2020, cycling from Mysore to Coimbatore. The terrain was rolling, including some downhill and village […]

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BMW Endurance Ride 2020

When I got an invitation to join the BMW Endurance Ride 2020 as a Cyclop Athlete, I was immediately interested. A chance to test BMW cycles! With the big name BMW, came the big question—How good are their bikes? I was ready to find out. The ride was planned from Mysore to Coimbatore; a distance […]

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