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The Steadfast SNergy drink mix was tested by the Cyclop team including a 3 time Super Randonneur, an ultra marathon runner and cricketer plus 3 recreational cyclists of mixed genders.

It is not just enough to fuel before the ride. One must keep replenishing the body with energy and salts during a workout to keep going on, and avoid cramps and fatigue.

According to Runner’s World your body can store 1800-2000 calories of glycogen, which keeps releasing energy for use. But when you hit the 20 mile mark, your reserves are used up and you are essentially running on an empty tank. You thus need an instant source of energy.

Steadfast SNergy is that source of energy for athletes. It comes in a pouch as an endurance drink mix.

The Cyclop team tried SNergy and evaluated it as per

  • Taste
  • Ease in using
  • The composition; amount of energy and salts provided

The Product

SNergy comes in powder form. Each sachet has 45gm that you can mix in 500ml of water.

The Taste

SNergy comes in orange flavour. As per our athletes, it tasted good and was mild on the stomach. However one athlete said “I hope it comes in more flavours too because on week-long tours, I tend to get tired of the same flavour daily.”

Ease Of Use

Since the product has to be mixed in water, we found that cyclists preferred it more than runners, having a bottle all times on their cycle frame. They reported it dissolved easily, and carried well through the sipper.

The runners liked it but only if running loops, able to access their bottle again and again. They said gels or bars suit them better due to portability.

The Composition

SNergy is an endurance drink that provides energy and salts. Being an electrolyte, it contains the usual suspects – sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

As per the label, each sachet provides about 164kcal of energy, and contains about 40gm of carbs of which 13.5gm was added sugar. 

That is salts and energy taken care of! What are the other ingredients found in SNergy?

We observed that SNergy also provides two types of vitamin B – B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cyanocobalamin), plus taurine and inositol.


The Cyclop team tried SNergy in high intensity as well as low intensity workouts. We tested the drink mix during a 200km BRM ride, over a morning walk of 1 hour, 3 hour city ride, indoor rowing of 30 mins, and long tempo runs at high altitudes for over 3 hours.

We found the energy to be adequate. None of the athletes faced any dehydration, cramping or fatigue.


SNergy is priced at Rs 400. One packet has 10 sachets of 45gm, each to be mixed in 500ml of water. Thus in Rs 400 you get 5 litres of an energy drink! Not bad at all.

The Verdict

SNergy provides both energy and electrolyte balance so one does not need to address the two requirements separately. We recommend it for endurance cyclists, especially who may be pushing the pedal under the sun, sweating and losing body salts fast, as the product prevents dehydration and muscle cramping. It is also good for mountaineers and trekkers, anyone engaging in moderate to intense activity, and in need of extra energy.

SNergy is offered by Steadfast Nutrition as a fast energy releasing product, ideal for activities lasting less than 2 hours. It is a product you can easily pick up and use in your rides and workouts without overthinking. For more than 2 hour workouts though, Steadfast Nutrition offers Carborance.

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