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Carborance by Steadfast Nutrition has been tested by Cyclop Athlete and professional cyclist Yogesh Kumar, over many races and rides including MTB Uttarakhand and National MTB Championships.

Where does the body get energy from when one engages in workouts like cycling, swimming, running? The source of fuel is the glycogen in our body.

Glycogen delivers energy for about 30 to 90 minutes of exercise. But what after that? As the glycogen stores start depleting, our body needs a fresh supply of glucose to continue functioning at a high performance level. This comes from carbohydrates. For this reason, athletes may do carb-loading just before a long endurance activity.

Steadfast Nutrition offers Carborance and SNergy drink mixes to athletes for the replenishment of glucose and electrolytes during exercise. SNergy is offered as an option for workouts lasting up to 2 hours, and Carborance is for offered as the “ultimate energy fuel for endurance athletes engaging in more than 2 hrs of high-intensity exercise.”

Composition Of Steadfast Carborance

Carborance contains complex and simple carbs in a balanced ratio. Its complex carbs – maltodextrin and pre-gelatinised corn starch, slowly release a supply of glucose for a prolonged duration.

Along with glucose, Carborance also provides electrolytes, mainly sodium chloride, which is essential for maintaining the athlete’s fluid balance as well as blood pressure, as he loses salts and water due to sweat. A fresh and sustained supply of energy and salts, prevents the athlete from facing fatigue, vertigo and dizziness. The salts (sodium and chloride) help with the absorption and transportation of nutrients, promote the contraction and relaxation of muscles, and the transmission of nerve signals.

The Taste – No flavour

“I find the taste of Carborance fine, but some people may not like the chalkiness of the mix. It has no flavour and washes down easily. I sometimes mix the Carborance drink mix with a watermelon flavoured BCAA mix. Carborance helps with energy and the BCAA mix with protein synthesis and muscle recovery” says Yogesh.

The Usage – Mix Powder in Water

“I mix a sachet of Carborance drink mix in a bottle with 1 litre water before a race. I mainly use Carborance for stage races, where I take a sip every 15 minutes.

For my training rides, I often carry bananas but in a race I just cannot afford to pause and peel a banana. Time is essential and frequent sips are great for me. It’s instant. Also one may have a banana in about 45 mins, but you can keep sipping Carborance frequently.

I have used Carborance in MTB Uttarakhand and the NorthQuest Challenge, a high-altitude race in Ladakh with 2-5 hrs of racing in cold weather” says Yogesh.

Weather and Sweat-Proof Packaging

Steadfast Nutrition sachets are all weather proof. They wont be affected or get soggy due to water, rain and sweat if kept in rear pockets of cycling jerseys.

The Price – Rs 800 for 8 Sachets*

Carborance drink mix comes in a box of 8 sachets, priced at a total of Rs 800. Each sachet has 62.5gm of drink mix to be dissolved in 750ml of water.

This does not seem expensive considering that one may use Carborance for long rides (2 hours plus) and stage races, while using Steadfast’s other option – SNergy (Rs 400 for 10 sachets of 45gm each) for under 2 hours rides.

*Prices are subject to change

The Verdict – Good for 2hr+ Rides

Carborance is a good drink mix to consider if you know you are going to be running, cycling or swimming for more than 2 hours. Slow-releasing carbs are going to give you a sustained supply of energy. It can easily be mixed with electrolytes as well, and takes care of your salt needs as an athlete.

“Carborance keeps the energy balanced during my 3 hour rides. I don’t feel out of energy. It is also easy on the stomach. I haven’t faced any issues which is quite critical during stage races!” says Yogesh.

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