Buyers' Guide

Cyclop Buyer Guide: How to Buy an Indoor Cycle Trainer

One cannot always go out and ride – due to traffic, unsafe roads at night, the weather or a pandemic that forces everyone in the world to lockdown! The ideal way for a cyclist to stay fit at home is then, an indoor cycle trainer. You may even get addicted to it! Get help with […]

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Cyclop Review: Steadfast Nutrition SNergy Drink Mix

The steadfast snergy is an all rounder energy drink for cyclists and athletes to fuel up their bodies. Read the complete review done by experts at cyclop.

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Cyclop Review: BMW Cycle – NBG IV BMW Cruise Bike

When BMW announces that it has a BMW cycle to offer, it immediately makes one curious! I had the chance to test the New Bike Generation 4 BMW cycle – The Cruise Bike, about 224km at the BMW Endurance Ride 2020, cycling from Mysore to Coimbatore. The terrain was rolling, including some downhill and village […]

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BicycleBuyers' Guide

Best Cycle Under 10000 in India

Cycling is growing rapidly as a fitness and lifestyle option in India. Many people begin with a cycle under 10000, but the numerous options out there can confuse one. Don’t worry. Get the top 10 cycles for adults in this budget, shortlisted by Cyclop experts, right here! Also check out our list of best cycles […]

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Cyclop Review: Heini Cycling Jersey – The SS Venice BO

The SS Venice BO, Heini Cycling Jersey was tested by Sumit Patil, Cyclop Team. Sumit, based in Mumbai, is an ultra-cyclist, listed in the Limca Book of Records. He has represented India at the prestigious RAAM race. I tested the SS Venice BO, a Heini cycling jersey on 100 km+ rides in the daytime. One […]

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RidesRides & Races

BMW Endurance Ride 2020

When I got an invitation to join the BMW Endurance Ride 2020 as a Cyclop Athlete, I was immediately interested. A chance to test BMW cycles! With the big name BMW, came the big question—How good are their bikes? I was ready to find out. The ride was planned from Mysore to Coimbatore; a distance […]

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Coronavirus Outbreak – To cycle or not?

Did you know – With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the planet, New Yorkers are cycling more and more. The New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asked people to work from home, avoid crowded places and subways, start walking or biking instead. This may be great for India as well, given our dense population! Or should […]

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ApparelBuyers' Guide

Winter Cycling Essentials – What To Wear for Cycling in Indian Winters

1. Gloves Know that feeling where you change the gear but your fingers are so numb you know it happened only because of the gear “click”? Keep your fingers warm and toasty this winter with full-fingered cycling gloves. 2. Winter Cycling Jacket Get a winter jacket that is brushed with fleece, with a collar and […]

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Cyclop Review: Endurance Be Visible Cycling Jersey

The Endurance Be Visible cycling jersey was tested by Sanjay Sharma, Cyclop Team. Sanjay has finished  Ironman 70.3 Goa, 3 Full Marathons, 9 Half Marathons, and a couple of Triathlons and Trail Runs. Thanks to Priti Zaveri for her inputs as well. Going out on early morning rides is always fun, but being visible to […]

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Garmin Forerunner 245 vs Garmin Forerunner 235

Aashutosh Chaudhari, a sports entrepreneur, an ultra-marathon runner, and a triathlete from Bangalore, compares Garmin Forerunner 235 with Garmin Forerunner 245. Aashutosh considers running his meditation, runs 5km to 100km and more, and also trains people in achieving their running goals. Garmin Forerunner 235 (FR235) has been a go-to watch for most amateur runners world […]

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