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The Elite Bib, Heini Cycling Shorts was tested by Sumit Patil, Cyclop Team. Sumit, based in Mumbai, is an ultra-cyclist, listed in the Limca Book of Records. He has represented India at the prestigious RAAM race.

When I received the Heini Elite cycling shorts (bibshorts) to test and review, the first impression of the shorts really got me quite excited! I am, generally, not so choosy when it comes to the cycling jerseys but when it comes to cycling shorts, I am very discerning, as a good pair can take your cycling experience to the next level, be it in training, cruising or racing ultra-distances.

I tested these cycling shorts over multiple 2-hour training rides (outdoors) and 3 century rides on my trainer (indoors) during the Covid-19 lockdown in India.

The Fit – High-waisted, Snug Fit, Anti-rise Leg Grippers

The cycling shorts fit like a second skin, just how they should. They’re high-waisted and thus supportive around the waist area. They’re tight enough in the thigh area to be supportive but not be compressive.  

The leg grippers are 1.5 inch wide stretchable bands with silicone grip dots. These do exactly what they are supposed to do – stop the shorts from rising up on the thighs, without digging in or causing any irritation.

The Straps – Breathable Mesh, No Slacking, Wide Enough

The bib straps are made out of a breathable mesh throughout (front and back) with edges (borders) which are not seamless. The straps provide the right amount of tension to hold the shorts in place. There is no slacking at all. The straps are wide enough, and make sure one doesn’t develop any sore points on the shoulders.

Features – Radio Pocket, Flatlock stitching, Seamless Inner Thigh

The cycling shorts also have a radio pocket which can double up as a pocket for an MP3 player, if you are not using a race radio. The flat lock stitching throughout the shorts ensures minimal to no chafing. The best part is that the shorts are seamless in the inner thigh region.

The Chamois Pad – Supple, Longish, With Good Channelling

The chamois pad is adequately cushioned and pressure-relieving. It is rightly channelled which ensures the correct amount of thickness at the desired points without making it bulky. The channels also add ventilation around that region. The chamois pad’s cover sheet is made up of a velvety material which feels comfortable. This layer also wicks the moisture really well. 

The pad is also quite supple. Given the fabric of the bib shorts and the suppleness of the pad, the shorts become one with the cyclist flawlessly. I found out-of-the-saddle and back-into-the-saddle transitions to be absolutely smooth for me.

The pad is also on the longer side. Hence, be it cruising, on the hood with a peloton or in an aero-tuck position in a breakaway, the bib shorts feel comfortable in a wide range of positions. The chamois pad lacks some stretchability, though.

Moisture wicking – Good in Outdoors

During rides ranging from 40 to 60 km out on the road, the shorts felt dry, but during the long rides on my indoor turbo trainer, the moisture-wicking felt compromised, likely due to the indoor, not so ventilated conditions. I am sure the shorts will perform well in long outdoor rides.

The Verdict – Highly Recommended

Priced at Rs. 3995 (price may change) I think these cycling shorts deliver high value for the money spent. Overall I found the comfort and fit extremely high. This is a thoughtfully-made product, I’d recommend to all cyclists.

The Heini Elite cycling shorts are available in both men’s and women’s fits.

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