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Athlos, a premium wear sports brand in India offers the
– Athlos Sports Bra. Rated 5/5 by Cyclop.
– Athlos Bra Top. Rated 3.5/5 by Cyclop.

This bra and top are designed for serious athletes such as marathon runners, and triathletes. Although the bra and the top look similar, they are built for different functions.

Cyclop finds out if these two items solve the problems that women have faced for ages, with unsupportive sports bras and workout tops.

Meera Velankar puts the Athlos Bra Top and Sports Bra to the test. Meera is a three-time Super Randonneur (has finished 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km cycling in one calendar year), has completed a Half Ironman 70.3, holds 3 Limca Book Records in the field of endurance cycling and is a Ph.D in Life Sciences by training.

A mother of two girls, who are active athletes as well, she understands not only her requirements but theirs as well. The images show her daughter Kaveri in the Athlos sports bra, in ‘Dirty Lilac’ colour.


Whether you care about wiggle or not, is a personal matter. But all athletes will agree that the more support there is, the less wiggle there is, the more comfortable one is running, or skipping or doing any sports activity.

When you go over a speed breaker when cycling, it is not just a test of the shockers of the cycle but also the sports bra! Lack of support can lead to pain for the female athlete as well. In fact, some elite athletes have gone for breast reduction as well, to enhance performance.

The Sports Bra supports in jumps, sprints and running.

I had been looking for a good bra for a long time, that serves my needs; less wiggle, good support from the top, bottom and sides, the belt and straps should not dig into the skin, the bra should not lose its support and shape after a few washes, should not ride up at the back, should not stay wet with sweat, should be lightweight and not feel like a bulky item; also easy to put on and off, without having to peel it off like Band-Aid.

I tried the Athlos Sports Bra on local runs, while cycling, cross-training as well as the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. 

Smooth On The Skin, Lightweight

I found the bra to be extremely smooth on the skin. With minimum or no seam lines, or hooks, there is no friction on delicate skin. 

Kaveri tries a range of movements in the Sports Bra.

The material has a good hold but is light so I didn’t feel caged in the bra. It was interesting to try this material – Econyl, which I was told is made from recycled ocean waste.


With Racerback style, the bra lends a lot of support. The weight of the chest is not just taken by shoulders but the back as well, ensuring that the straps don’t dig in. 

The racerback style back of the Sports Bra distributes the weight evenly, taking it off the shoulders alone.

The bra has a broad belt that makes it sit well on the body and goes low enough to hold you properly, and entirely without the whole unit shifting up on your back, especially when I did movements like bending down to tie my shoelaces. 

Also, because the bra has 2 layers of fabric, I feel if one alone cannot support you, the second layer does. Together they work well.

Padding & Contours

It does not have aggressive padding. The contours are natural and seem like the bra will mould to suit any chest type.

The downside is that the cups (pads) tend to move upwards; you can adjust them before wearing or even remove them if you don’t need the cupping.


The bra has perfect deep neckline so there is no show when paired with running tops or singles. Yet it has ample top coverage.

The Sports Bra sits low enough on the body, is secure with high coverage.


The Bra Top by Athlos is a top, that is meant for mid-impact activities, and not offering as much support as the Bra. It is good for long hours, and for a lifestyle where you are training at one hour, and then driving down the road for errands the next.

Note the band at the back. This is the Bra Top.

However, it still looks more like a bra than the top, especially in our cultural climate where only a few female athletes are sporting midriff-baring tops as of now.


The Bra Top has a mesh back, that makes it great for training in hot and humid weather, and also to cool down fast and move from the training session to the next part of your day.

The Bra Top has a mesh back, making it great to cool down from a workout and wear for longer hours.

Smooth On The Skin

Again with no hooks, and few seam-lines, this is smooth on the skin.


It has an independent belt on the back, which is a very interesting feature. One can comfortably keep this pulled down and the bra top stays put, holding you securely.

There are removable cups in this, which makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. There is ample fabric coverage, but I would say for a sports bra. For a “top” I’d want it to cover the midriff as well. Having said that, if teamed with a running vest, it serves its purpose. 


Sports Bra– Adjustable, removable cups
– Racerback style
– Good support
– No friction on skin
Rs 18975/5
Bra Top– Adjustable, removable cups
– Mesh back
– Extra belt on the back for grip/ stay
– Breathable
– Can wear it the whole day
– Needs to be worn under a vest or hoodie if you want to be more covered
Rs. 21973.5/5

I’d say if you have mid-size or small breasts go for the Bra Top by Athlos for sports activities. It is especially good for low impact activities like cycling, where you just want a great level of breathability. It’s mesh back is great, and the strap at the back is a nice, different feature.

At Rs.2197 I would say it is priced OK, given the major lack of options out there for women athletes, supportive tops that hold you well. The 3.5 rating is just because we wish it covered the midriff as well and made it a top one could wear as a stand-alone upper body item.

Supports when you jump up and down, or do burpees.

If you are large-breasted go for the Athlos Sports Bra, that will give you a good amount of support. I jumped up and down in this, did burpees and it held well. At Rs.1897, I find it worth buying. We rated it 5/5.

Out of the two, which one you’d buy really depends on your breast size, and the type of sports activity you are into.

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