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Photo Credits- Mahasweta Ghosh

The Apace Cycling Shorts have been tested by Sanjay Sharma, Cyclop Team. Sanjay has finished the IronMan 70.3 Goa, 4 Full Marathons, 9 Half Marathons, 100miles, 200km rides, and a couple of Triathlons and Trail Runs.  He has been training for his next Ironman event recently.

FIT- Comfortable Gel Padding

Usually, we just check out the gel pads in cycling shorts, but have you ever checked out the pockets? Yes, Apace Evolve Cycling shorts have both. Comfortable gel padding and shake-proof pockets!

To test it, I wore the “Evolve” shorts during the Delhi heat (39°C) for a 75km city ride. And my opinion – Super Comfortable and the pockets were great! Why did anyone not think of this before?

STORAGE- Deep and Shake-proof Pockets

The unique and the best part are the pockets! Deep, Shake-proof, and one on each leg.  They provide the perfect storage and accessibility needed on long rides to store the phone, gels, bars, buffs, and wrappers after use. They totally eliminate the need to twist on the saddle to reach the back pockets. And also, no fear of the phone being picked out from the back.

VISIBILITY- Reflective Pockets

The reflective logos on both pockets provide the much-needed reflective visibility on the dimly lit rides.

Made of a foam and gel sandwich material, the chamois was pretty comfortable, both on and off the saddle. Not over bulky or too thin, they should last easily for a 4hr+ ride.  The overall fit was nice and tight. The thigh grippers did not budge for the entire 75km, nor did they feel strangulating the muscles. Another big PLUS! And to top this, the shorts do come with a drawstring as well for those who want the shorts tighter!


  • Shake-proof pockets on each leg, deep enough for carrying a mobile phone.
  • Comfortable thigh grippers.
  • Gel pads are good for a 4hr+ ride.


  • The drawstring could be a bit wider.
  • Instead of just plain black. could add some color.

The Verdict

Overall, a totally lovely pair of shorts, with super functional pockets, a comfy gel pad, and a nice form fit. Most ingredients for a nice ride.

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