Gifts for Your Cycling Partner This Valentine’s Day

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“I have been biking for more than 10 years. If someone giving me gift related to my passion I would prefer over anything else as cycling is my first love.” wrote a cyclist.

Yessir we agree. So here is a list of the best gifts for cyclists this Valentine’s Day!

1. Cyclop Gift Cards

Gift a loved one a Gift Card from Cyclop. When you do this they can buy anything they want from They can choose what they want 🙂 If their chosen item exceeds the value of the gift card, they will simply get discount equal to the gift card’s value. Happy Shopping !!

2. Cyclop Book “The Take-Off”


Indian cyclists are having great adventures on the road but their stories are not widely known. For the first time, one can read true stories by 37 Indian cyclists, all in one book; stories by the top cycling champions representing India, as well as accounts by ordinary people pushing their limits.

Read more about our book

3. Cycle Parts Crafted into Decor

Gift lifestyle items that any cyclist would love to use in their daily life! Choose from baskets, book-ends, notepads, cups and photo frames, all made by cycling mad people! Check out all the decor items here.

4. Lubes, Polish & Degreasers

Show your bike some T.L.C – Tender Loving Care with products that prolong the life of your bike.

  • Cleaners- Biodegradable, cleans your bike super fast!
  • Lubes – Lubes up the chain in all conditions… dry or wet and keeps it functioning smoothly, and rust-free.
  • Polish and Protect – Repels mud and is gentle on paint. Makes the bike shiny! Just spray on your bike.

5. Front & Rear Cycling Lights

For the love of life, get a front and rear light! Both are critical for your safety. The front lights helps you see but the rear lights gets you seen! Ignore the back light and you are practically invisible to all the motorists behind you at night. Shop here.

6. Santini Cycling Jerseys

With classic Italian fit and Santini style and durability, these jerseys are for those who ride purely for the love of cycling while maintaining the Santini commitment to performance and durability with no compromise on materials used. Gift your loved ones a jersey now

7. Northwave Cycling Socks

Don’t want to splurge? Get a small token of love with these high-quality socks by Northwave. We tried them on, used them and found they have unrelenting grip; they just don’t get baggy.

The socks also have “super-breathable openwork knit with bacteriostatic natural balance” that provide odour-free performance. Get a pair now.

8. Cycling Themed T-Shirt

Show your love for cycling off the bike as well. Choose from various designs by Cyclop, each available in different colours. Pick the design you like and let your t-shirt be a conversation starter at work and among friends! Get yourself a t-shirt now.

9. Saddle Bag or Top Tube Bag

And finally, a highly practical and useful item that every cyclist is going to love – a saddlebag, or a top tube bag! It is not always great to stuff one’s pockets while cycling and that’s where these bags that attach to your cycle frame come in. Store your wallet, phone, energy gels, a toolkit and a spare tube in these bags that look small but pack enough volume. Get one here.

10. Your Time 😊

Your time is the most precious gift for your valentine because when you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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