Top 10: Best Gifts for Cyclists This Valentine’s Day

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“I have been biking for more than 10 years. If someone giving me gift related to my passion I would prefer over anything else as cycling is my first love.” wrote a cyclist.

Yessir we agree. So here is a list of the best gifts for cyclists this Valentine’s Day!

1. Velolove Cycling Jersey

These jerseys – bold and bright, are not shy about proclaiming one’s ‘velo love’. The jerseys are available in Prussian Blue, Yellow and Celery colours. And you can make a complete kit by pairing the jersey with Velolove shorts. Shop here.

2. “Grit, Gravel & Gear” Book by Dhruv Bogra

This book chronicles Dhruv Bogra’s transcontinental journey at 51, from Alaska to the Andes, on cycle. As he cycles alone for 15,000 kilometres he experiences cold, barren, unforgiving Nature and various indigenous cultures of the Arctic, of Mexico and Peru. It’s a true tale of hardship, misery, catharsis, happiness, and unbridled joy. 

Get yourself a copy and relive his journey!

3. Cycle Parts Crafted into Decor

Gift lifestyle items that any cyclist would love to use in their daily life! Choose from baskets, book-ends, notepads, cups and photo frames, all made by cycling mad people! Check out all the decor items here.

4. Juice Lubes: Degreaser, Lube & Polish

Show your bike some T.L.C – Tender Loving Care with products that prolong the life of your bike.

  • Juice Lube – Lubes up the chain in all conditions… dry or wet and keeps it functioning smoothly, and rust-free.
  1. Juice Polish and Protect – Repels mud and is gentle on paint. Makes the bike shiny! Just spray on your bike.

5. Front & Rear Cycling Lights

For the love of life, get a front and rear light! Both are critical for your safety. The front lights helps you see but the rear lights gets you seen! Ignore the back light and you are practically invisible to all the motorists behind you at night. Shop here.

6. Love for Cycling Jerseys

Simple and elegant. These jerseys by Heini are high in both quality and love! The construction is lightweight and comfortable and offers great moisture management, wicking sweat away so you remain cool and comfortable. Get yours today.

7. Chamois Cream for your Butt!

Get yourself some Chamois Butt’r and be loving towards your butt! Avoid chafing and friction on the skin. It is non-greasy and provides considerable riding comfort. You can apply it to your skin or your shorts directly, washes off easily. Get it here.

8. Northwave Cycling Socks

Don’t want to splurge? Get a small token of love with these high-quality socks by Northwave. We tried them on, used them and found they have unrelenting grip; they just don’t get baggy.

The socks also have “super-breathable openwork knit with bacteriostatic natural balance” that provide odour-free performance. Get a pair now.

9. Heini Nizza Winter Cycling Jacket

Keep yourself warm and snug with a fleece brushed Heini Nizza cycling jacket. It has pockets on the outside so you don’t have to reach all the way inside for your wallet, phone etc. Also, it allows for thermal sealing with it’s collar and cuffs. Get yourself one now.

10. Cycling Themed T-Shirt

Show your love for cycling off the bike as well. Choose from various designs by Cyclop, each available in different colours. Pick the design you like and let your t-shirt be a conversation starter at work and among friends! Get yourself a t-shirt now.


11. Saddle Bag or Top Tube Bag

And finally, a highly practical and useful item that every cyclist is going to love – a saddlebag, or a top tube bag! It is not always great to stuff one’s pockets while cycling and that’s where these bags that attach to your cycle frame come in. Store your wallet, phone, energy gels, a toolkit and a spare tube in these bags that look small but pack enough volume. Get one here.

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