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Choosing the right cycle under 20000 can be confusing, but if you know your requirements and what kind of cycling you want to do – casual city cycling, or off-road cycling then one can make a smart choice!

Have a look at your top options for cycle under 20000 below, shortlisted by Cyclop experts.

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What To Look For In A Cycle Under 20000?

Frame and weight: The frame material could be steel or alloy. The weight of a cycle under 20000 will be around 13-16 kgs.

Gear combination and quality: You’ll get single speed to 24 speed cycles. If you live in a hilly area or expect to climb slopes then go for a higher gear combo. High quality components make the shifting of gears smooth. A quick way to check the component quality is to look for components by the brand Shimano.

Components and features: The price of a cycle goes up and down mainly due to its components and features. Features include disc brakes, varying wheel sizes, suspension and tire quality.

Let us look at the best cycles under 20000 now. *Prices keep changing, ask your local dealer for the price they are offering.

1. B’Twin Rockrider 340 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 12,999

Good for: City commute, good customer care, servicing

The B’Twin Rockrider 340 is good for city touring and general fitness use. It has a lightweight aluminium frame. A medium size weighs at 14.85kg without pedals.

The 21-speed Shimano shifters make it a versatile cycle for hilly commutes as well. It has a Suntour XCT suspension (80mm) with an adjustment dial for stiffness, so it easily transitions from road to gravel.

2. Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,350

Good for: Fast city rides, undulating terrain 

Montra Trance is a 21-speed hybrid cycle. It has 700x35c Kenda tires that make commuting fast. The double wall alloy rims are sturdy, long-lasting and can take impact.

The frame has space for a bottle cage, so you can stay hydrated on long rides. The 50mm suspension makes bumpy rides tackleable. It has Shimano Altus 21-speed shifters for smooth shifting and power alloy V-brakes.

3.Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 19,000

Good for: Fast riding on flat roads, easy to transport

The Firefox Rapide is a fast hybrid cycle with 700x35C tires and 21 speed Shimano Tourney shifters.

It is a robust cycle with double-walled alloy rims and an alloy frame. With Firefox stores all over the country, components, spare parts and service are always easily available.

The front and rear wheels have quick release mechanisms that make the cycle easy to transport. The seat post is also adjustable with a quick release mechanism; so you can adjust the cycle for your height or another rider’s height easily.

4. B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle

Price: Rs. 17,999

Good for: Good customer care and servicing, fast flat commutes, lightweight

At just 11kg (size medium and without pedals), it is the lightest cycle in this list of cycles under 20000. It has a comfortable upright sitting geometry for a comfortable ride. 

It is for beginners, has simple design and is easy to maintain. The Shimano Altus 7-speed trigger shifter is easy to use and of good quality. Reach your destination quick with 700x32C tires.

5. Hero Doran 29T MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,700

Good for: Trail riding, value for money, control

The Hero Doran 29T is built for a pure trail riding experience in cycles under 20000. It has 29″ x 2.1″ tires for good grip and control on trails and turns.

This 21-speed MTB is good for undulating terrain. The weight is on the higher side at 16.3kgs.

It comes with disc brakes on both the sides for quick stop. Disc brakes are much easier to maintain than V-brakes. The coil suspension and lockout system make it a versatile bike for flat roads and trails.

6. Roadeo A50 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 14,525

Good for: Trail riding, traction and quick gear shifting

Roadeo A50 is meant for a pure trail riding experience. It comes with 21 speed Shimano easy fire shifters for smooth riding. The double-walled alloy rims and 26”x2.1” tires gives good traction.

The front disc provides active and durable braking. The front suspension is very responsive. The bottom bracket is friction free.

The quick release seat-post is suitable for micro adjustments. It does not support big jumps but will quickly pass through bumps and potholes. Don’t hesitate to hit the trails on this cycle within this budget.

7. Cosmic Trium 27.5 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 16,999

Good for: Sudden braking, trail riding

Cosmic Trium 27.5 is an entry-level mountain bike; good for people who want to hit the trails. 

It has disc brakes in the front and back, and Shimano powered shifters and derailleurs. The 27.5”x2.125” tires will give you a wonderful trail experience.

The 100mm travel suspension supports jumps and gives a smooth riding experience.

8. Montra Rock 1.0 27.5 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,630

Good for: Flat trails, commute and good handling

The Montra Rock 1.0 is good for flat trail riding, off roading and fitness rides. It comes with 27.5″ x 2.1″ Kenda Komodo tires mounted on XMR 27.5″ alloy rims.

It is a lightweight aluminium frame cycle, which makes it easy to transport. The 680mm long handlebar makes it easy to handle the cycle on trails and turns.

If you could increase your budget, then Hero Octane Salamander 27.5 is also a wonderful option.

9. Scholl Oxygen 27.5 MTB Cycle

Price: Rs. 19,900

Good for: Durability, dual disc brakes for quick stop, undulating terrain

Scholl Oxygen is a 21-speed MTB cycle with dual disc brakes. It is perfect for offroading and flat trails.

It differs from other cycles in this list by one aspect, that it has internal wiring. It gives the cycle a clean look.  It also makes the cables long lasting.

The 27.5”x2.1” Kenda tires are fast and comfortable. The seat post and front wheel has quick release for micro adjustments and easy to transport. This cycle weighs just 14 kg.

10. Montra Helicon Disc Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 18,900

Good for: Fast urban riding, sudden braking

The Montra Helicon Disc is a 21-speed hybrid cycle with 27.5”X1.75” fast rolling Kenda tires. It comes in really cool Silver – Red/Black colour.

Montra Helicon Disc is equipped with Shimano Tourney derailleurs and Shimano Altus shifters. It has dual disc brakes for sudden braking on the city roads.

It has a rigid suspension, so off-roading will not be a good experience.


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  1. Avatar ASHUTOSH KUMAR says:

    What is your opinion about fittrip Vyper has good quality components.i am planning to buy one,but not sure about brand as it is not mentioned in any of top recommendations.

  2. Avatar Ali Hyder Mulji says:

    Hello, I am looking for a bike in the range of 16-20,000. I shortlisted Montra Downtown and Montra Helicon D. I will be using it for daily commute of about 12-15 km. What is your suggestion?

    • Avatar shobit pundir says:

      Hey Ali.. I suggest if you’re using a bike for daily commute, go with something which is light and can increase your saddle time.
      Triban 100 is a good option when it comes to a bike for daily commute. It’s light in weight comes with 29 wheels which rolls smoothly on tarmac and a bit of gravel surface.

  3. Avatar ASHUTOSH KUMAR says:

    What are your views on fitrip vyper has good components.

  4. Avatar M L Kabir says:

    I found the article very apt, informative and simple to understand. Could you please advise on selecting a suitable cycle for me? I am 60 years of age and 6 ft tall. I cycled a lot in my younger days but new to the sports /geared cycle.
    Based on your guidance I wish to acquire one shortly.
    Thanks & regards

  5. Avatar shrisha says:

    thank u for writing such an informative blog.

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