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Cycling is growing rapidly as a fitness and lifestyle option in India. Many people begin with a cycle under 10000, but the numerous options out there can confuse one. Don’t worry. Get the top 10 cycles for adults in this budget, shortlisted by Cyclop experts, right here!

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What to look for in a Cycle Under 10000?

Frame & weight: First look at the frame material – steel or alloy. Alloy makes the bike lighter while steel is the best for durability. Cycles under Rs 10000 generally weigh around 15kgs.

Gear combination: Look at the gear combination; a 6 to 7 speed cycle is good enough for flat regions. A higher combination will allow you to cycle up steep hills, but ask yourself are you going to be cycling on hills at all? If yes, go for a 18 to 21 gear combination.

Components & features: Finally look at the component quality and features like disc brakes, suspension (if you need it), adjustable saddle height and tires/rims.

Considering all these factors, we’ve listed the best cycles under 10000 for you below. All the prices below are subject to change. Ask your local dealer for the price he is offering.

1. B’Twin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 8,999

Good for: City cycling. A popular international brand, highly tested. Good customer care.

The B’Twin Riverside 100 is a perfect bike for beginners and intermediate cyclists. As a hybrid cycle with 700×35 mm tire width, it can go from the road to gravel easily.

Manufactured by French sports Giant, Decathlon, the Riverside 100 offers good quality with a simple design and good after-sales support. The frame is made of steel, and the cycle weighs about 15kg. The saddle height is adjustable, so you can make the bike just right for your height with an allen key. 

The frame also has insertion points to attach a bottle cage and panniers. The cycle has a gear combo of 1×6, which is enough for city riding.

2. Hercules Top Gear TZ 110 DX2 MTB

Price: Rs. 9,635

Good for: Undulating and bumpy terrain. Dual suspension, disc brakes, 18 speed gear system.

This is a premium model in the Hercules Top Gear stable of bikes. It comes with dual suspension and dual disc brakes for sudden braking. The front and rear suspension ensure a smooth comfortable ride on bumpy terrain.

The bike comes in red and green colors and a soft saddle with theme-based graphics. The 18-speed Shimano gear system makes it easier to switch gear on steep climbs and flyovers. If you live in an undulating terrain, it is good to consider this bike.

V-shape mudguards for both the tires, and a raised handlebar give it a unique look.

3. Hero Sprint Traveller 700c 7 Speed Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 9,865

Good for: City cycling with quick-release adjustable seat-post and strong rims.

Hero Cycles is a huge name in the cycle industry in India. The Traveller 700c 7 speed is a hybrid cycle in the Hero Sprint series; thus ideal for city riding. It weighs 18kgs and has a 7 speed gear combination.

It comes with a pair of 700x35c mm width tires mounted on double wall alloy rims which make it quite strong for impact and increase durability. The tire width makes the bike faster on city roads and good rolling resistance. The bike has V brakes

The adjustable quick release seatpost makes it easy to adjust the bike as per the cyclist’s height without using any tools.

4. Manali G1 – The Offroader Hybrid Cycle by OMO bikes

Price: Rs. 9,500

Good for: Lightweight cycle for fast city cycling. Single speed, low maintenance, stylish.

The Manali G1 is a newly launched single speed cycle by OMO bikes. At 12.9kg it is one of the lightest cycles in the under 10000 category.

The bike has a high tensile steel frame and strong double wall alloy rims that make it look super stylish. The frame is matt black in colour, and has anti-rust coating. 

The bike’s dual disc brakes are good for sudden braking and the front suspension for bumpy roads. The 1.75 inch width tires make you go faster.

OMO gives two-year warranty on fork and frame. This Indian brand is known for their elegant designs and incredible customer support, and plants 5 trees for every bike sold!

5. Hercules Roadeo A50 MTB

Price: Rs. 9,899

Good for: Uphills with 21 gear combo. Smooth functioning with Shimano shifters.

The Roadeo A50 is built for a comfortable commute of around 20-35 km a day. The bike is available in 17” and 18.5” frame sizes.

The best part about this bike is that it has a 21 gear combination, rare to find in this price range! You can take this bike up and down hills easily. The gear shifting is also smooth as the bike has Shimano EZ (EF-41) fire shifters. Shimano is a premium brand for cycle components. The front wheel has disc brakes and the rear one is controlled by V-brakes. 

The cycle comes with a yellow glossy tone colored frame. The handlebar is wide at 600mm and offers great control. The tires are wide at 2.10”, and great for dirt tracks and trails. All in all, this is a great deal for those looking for comfort, design and performance under Rs 10,000!

6. Mach City iBike 7 speed Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 9,399

Good for: City riding and gentle uphills. Smooth shifters. Good option for tall people.

The 7 speed range of the Mach City iBike makes it suitable for cities and undulating terrain. Switching gears is smooth and easy with the Revo shifters.

The bike has a lightweight and strong steel frame, and comes in 19” and 21” frame sizes, good for tall people. You can choose from two colours – matt black and canary yellow. The manufacturers offer a two-year warranty on the frame and fork. 

The bike’s front wheel has a quick-release mechanism – you can take the wheel off and fit the bike comfortably in your car to carry it anywhere. And the 7-speed Shimano Direct Mount derailleur is the best in the market in this price range. 

7. Frog Granite 27.5 Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 8,899

Good for: City cycling and gravel roads. Big wheel size for potholes. Lightweight, beautiful looks, single speed cycle with double-wall rims.

The Frog cycle brand is a new entry in the market. They believe in performance and durability. Frog Granite 27.5 is built for small city commutes and is very simply designed. 

The Granite is a single speed hardtail cycle with durable double-walled rims of alloy. The 27.5 inch tires make it easier to go over small bumps. The wide 2.125 inch width of the tires will give better traction and control on gravels and offroads.

Frog Granite 27.5 weighs at 13.7 kgs (which is on the lighter side) and comes in unique color variations of orange/blue, red/yellow and black/turquoise. It has insertion points for bottle cage and pannier bags.

8. Hero Octane Firefly Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 8,330

Good for: Easy switch between city riding and offroads. Single speed cycle, lightweight.

Another one from the Hero brand is Octane Firefly single speed. The 2.0” width tires and 26” wheels help in comfortable off-road pedaling and fast city commutes.

It is a lightweight cycle at 13.5kgs and a rust-free frame. Although a single speed cycle, the perfect crankset of 44T and freewheel of 18T combination makes it easier to pedal from standstill, so it’s good for city riding in traffic.

9. TATA Stryder Hector 26T DD MTB

Price: Rs. 9,770

Good for: Riding on rough terrain. Single speed bike with disc brakes, wide tires.

TATA Stryder hit the bike scene in India in 2009. It is known to be quite strong and sturdy. Their bikes are made with superior quality material and components for its price range.

The Stryder Hector 26T DD model is a single speed bike. It has double wall alloy rims which make it strong enough for high impact riding. The disc brakes in the front and rear allow for quick braking, and the telescopic front suspension for smooth rides.

Priced right under 10,000, it has a steel handlebar with soft grips and PU (polyurethane which makes it water resistant) padded saddle. The bike also has a quick-release seatpost. At 26” x 2.35”, the tires are really wide and ready to go on rough terrain.

10. Mach City Munich Single Speed Hybrid Cycle

Price: Rs. 9,275

Good for: City cycling. Lightweight cycle, with slim tires make for good speed.

Another Mach City bike in this range is the Munich Single Speed model. This hybrid bike has a lightweight steel frame and is equipped with 700 x 35C mm width black nylon tires. It is meant for fast accelerations in the city and is built for speed.

The thermoplastic rubber grips make for a long and comfortable ride. It is easy to maintain and comes in really cool two-color combinations. Another model in Mach City’s Munich is 21 speed and is priced just above 10,000.

And there you have it! Finally the question to ask yourself is what are your requirements.

If you are going to carry the cycle on your shoulder from your house on the 2nd floor to the road every time you want to cycle, weight may be of utmost importance.

If you do intend to ride up and down hills, a higher gear combination is necessary for enjoyable riding. Do not go for a single speed cycle then; that is for flat roads.

If you like to tweak and calibrate till the saddle height is just right you may like a quick-release seatpost. If you are going to take your cycle in a car to the trails then a front wheel that easily comes off is good for you.

Superior components like Shimano shifters are always better. Better components add to the price of a bike. And then you can look at the tires. If you are going to go offroad, then take an MTB bike with wide tires, if you will stay on the road, then go for thin tires and get some speed. Tires can be changed later but we are assuming you will first ride with the tires that come with your bike.

Suspension is something you need if you’ll be going on bumpy terrain. It is absolutely unnecessary for flat roads, and can even reduce riding efficiency and add to the weight of the bike. MTB bikes have suspension, hybrid bikes generally don’t.

Steel or alloy, the material of the frame should not be a big consideration at this point, in our opinion, unless you want a durable bike to hand to future generations.

If you think you’ll need to brake suddenly, disc brakes are good. V-brakes are easier to change though. Make a choice and begin riding.

Whichever cycle you choose, be sure to get the right size for you!

8 Replies to “Best Cycle Under 10000 in India”

  1. Yogesh says:

    I weigh 98 kg please suggest me a good cycle hybrid or mtb (weight loss)

    • ZAMIN HUSSAIN says:

      From my research, I came to know Hybrid is better and tyres should be as thin as possible so that a person can ride long distances for better results.

  2. Robie says:

    Suggest me Cycles 29 inch frame budget 10000 MTB My weight is 80 kg height 5.10 plz plz suggest a good cycle

  3. Rajdeep Chanda says:

    My weight is 75-80 kgs and my height is 5’9″ and I want a cycle where I can stand and cycle and go at a pretty high speed and is also good lookkng.
    Please suggest me the best cycle which fulfils all the requirements mentioned above and is under 10,000/- and please reply as soon as possible.

  4. shobit pundir says:


    Your weight is not much according to your height, it should be somewhere near 65-70 kgs, you can go for the Btwin riverside 100, comes with a 6 speed gear and 29inch wheel which helps you to be more faster and the effort will be less in comparison to 26 and 27.5 tyres as you’re covering more distance in one pedal.
    It’s a light bike with slim tyres which will give you a smooth ride on the tarmac.
    The position is upright so you wont be bending and you will be in comfortable position where you can enjoy the workout.

  5. Kewal Singh says:

    I am planning to buy a bicycle for fitness purpose ( may be longer ride in future). I have to chose one from three bicycles listed below:

    1. Mach City 700C
    2. Tata Stryder 700C
    3. Gang Tagg 27.5 inch

    N.B.:- All single speed. May install 3 to 5 speed gear system in future.

    Please suggest, which is the best among three mentioned above.

  6. Poonam says:

    Pls suggest a girl’s cycle for height 5.4
    Needed only for local cycling
    Budget 10000 with accessories pls

  7. I want to a buy a cycle which is to handle 6ft person 85-100kg,me and my brother will use it 6ft 100kg, he is 6ft 85 kg ,
    for a city use and for fitness purpose but dont mind having 5 gears ,to ride around 10 km daily.

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